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Pork Prices


breakfast 1 lb   9 ea

hot Italian in casings 1.5 lb   13 ea

loose 1.lb12 ea

sweet Italian in casings 1.5 lb   13 ea

loose 1.5lb 12ea

plain ground 1.5 lb 11 ea

bacon 1 lb (nitrate free)   11 ea

ham steaks 11/lb  

chops   9/lb

loin roasts 9/lb

fresh hams 8/lb

Fresh, pork butt (for sausage making or pulled pork)   7/lb

Back fat (for sausage making)   2/lb

Leaf lard (for rendering and baking)   3/lb

Pig feet   3/lb

Beef Prices

Ground   6.50/lb

Stewing   6.50/lb

Short ribs   6.00/lb

roasts: chuck, brisket, top and bottom round, rump   8.00/lb

Flank, flap, hangar  11.00/lb 

skirt steak   13.00/lb

Sirloin Steaks   13.00/lb

t-bone  18.00/lb 

Ribeye   18.00/lb

standing rib 17.00/lb

Tenderloin   25.00/lb

Liver, heart, tongue   4.50/lb

Soup and broth bones (ask me! I have them tucked away!)   3.50/lb

Seasonal Pastured Poultry


Direct sale to consumer ONLY (meaning no resale or restaurants), limited quantity, order ahead for guaranteed availability, pick-up at farmer's market or on the farm, killing day.

whole roasting meat chicken  5.50/lb

tentative next batch:  availability 5/20/2019

whole stewing chicken 5.50/lb

available now, by order

Thanksgiving turkey 6/lb

seasonal, week before thanksgiving

To order please contact us at 860-946-3720 for next available poultry batch.  We do very small batches of birds to ensure the highest quality product. 

*My stewing chickens are healthful enough for medicinal bone broths sought by out by individuals who are on a healing regimen prescribed by their alternative medicine practitioners.  They are full free roaming and fed almost no grains.