RD Farms LLC

56 River Rd.

Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754



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About US


We are a family farm on the banks of the Housatonic River in Cornwall Bridge, CT.  Our farm raises grass-fed cattle, pastured hogs, chickens and turkeys as well as high quality first and second cut hay.  From our animals we produce high quality meat, the best you can buy, and rich and flavorful eggs.  This is our passion and you can taste the difference. 


Our beef is from a happy and healthy herd of Scotch Highlander mix cattle, raised on pasture and woodlot in summer and fed hay and haylage in winter. 


We raise a very small number of hogs each year to ensure a wholesome diet of garden scraps, market slops, pasture, hay and supplemental grain feed.  Our pigs are rotated on pasture and hedgerows and have access to mud wallows, fresh air, sunshine and companions.  


Our philosophy is that the health, well being and happiness of our critters remains our number one concern for the duration of their lifespan.  This means that we give the cows the diet they evolved to eat, grass, and allow access to the 30 acre woodlot surrounding the farm for foraging and roaming. 


They are intensive grazed on pasture in the grass months and they have their calves naturally within the safety of the herd.  Our pigs are given all sorts of variety in their diet and raised in outdoor pens for exposure to sunshine and fresh air.


Our poultry is raised on pasture and forage, fed garden scraps, and often free roams.  Our turkeys get a large part of their diet from pasture and the laying hens graze and forage most of the day.    


We believe that happy animals are the paramount ingredient in healthful and flavorful food. 



And to us, that is very important!